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“Vegan Peace Waffles,” Anyone?

Waffle with SpreadHubby’s cell phone pic of my tasty “Naked Vegan Waffle.” Click on the waffle for recipe!

Mmmmm, waffles!

Breakfast is different around the world.  From country to country and from house to house, you just never know what you’ll get when you wake up in the morning.   Still…most people are picky about the way in which they start their day.  For that reason, some people say you shouldn’t mess with breakfast.  I understand this sentiment, because the thought of making pancakes or waffles without milk or eggs gave me pause.   I wasn’t worried about a change in flavor, so much.  But I was worried about a change in texture and compositional integrity.  I don’t like big, doughy messes, and when I wake up in the morning I am not in the mood for failure.  I worried that vegan recipes for  pancakes and waffles wouldn’t pan out.  So I fretted.  And I procrastinated.  And my kids ate cereal.   For weeks.  And then I fretted some more.  And then I found this website: And then I learned that my fretting was wasted energy.  That waffle you see up there?  It tasted every bit as yummy as it looks.  There was no compromise in waffle flavor or integrity whatsoever.  Serve these to your non-vegan friends, and the only thing they’ll have to say to you is “yum-o.”  These waffles stack up.

Anyone who’s been throwing “Waffle Parties” since 1998 knows a good waffle when they eat one. Considering Dave and Jen Wheitner’sWaffle Parties” have been vegan since 2007, they’ve had lot’s of time to work out the kinks.  But why in the world do these people host “Waffle Parties?”   Good question.  I can’t really figure out why they started all this.  But whatever the genesis, today it’s the fun and friendly way in which they help people promote healthy, compassionate and sustainable ways of eating all over the world, during the months of May and June.

Make Waffles, Not War? On September 24, 2009,  in Pittsburgh, PA, Dave and Jen held a “G-20 Vegan Peace Waffle Summit” to express their support for environmental, food security, human rights, animal rights, and public health causes.  They offered their “Vegan Peace Waffles” to anyone in Pittsburgh who was participating in G-20 activities.  Now how cool was that?

Vegans everywhere share a concern for the health of our planet, it’s people, and it’s animals.  We all dream of a peaceful and creualty-free future.  However, nothing is going to change if we don’t act.  So the next time you want to make a difference, don’t club your friends and family over the head with veganism.  (Not sustainable.)   Instead, dust off your waffle iron, feed some folks, consider throwing a waffle party, and make a few people smile.   Then tell them the truth in love.  Talk about the food we eat and it’s impact on our our health and happiness.  Talk about how our choices affect food availability to people all over the world.  Talk about the environment, the animals, whatever you want if you can broach it in a way that won’t cause nausea and indigestion.   And then send people home with a recipe for vegan waffles, because breakfast is a great way to start a the day….and it’s even better if you start it the vegan way.



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Blueberry Lavender Scones – Tami Transcends Tofu

"The addition of blueberry & and lavender makes this scone really special...perfect to share with a friend over a cup of tea!" ~ Tami

"The addition of blueberry & and lavender makes this scone really special...perfect to share with a friend over a cup of tea!" ~ Tami

This recipe comes from Tami over at the blog Tami Transcends Tofu.  Tami modified Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s basic scone recipe from Vegan Brunch, by adding lavender and blueberry to the mix. These scones are delightfully crisp on the outside, moist and flaky on the inside.  Enjoy these warm. The faint taste of lavender permeates the dough very nicely.  (But be careful. If you are using dried lavender, you might not want to use 1/4 cup.  I did, and there’s a slight bitter bite to mine.  Still, we are gobbling them up!)   And the pop of juicy blueberries in every bite just makes me want to melt down to my knees.  Now go on….click right here.  Get this recipe.   And then tell Tami I sent you.


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Glory Corn Muffins

Glory Corn Muffins

Golden Sweet Corn Muffins: Glory Foods

Right now, these are the only corn muffins my girls want to eat. My oldest begs for it, so on my last shopping trip I picked up 4 boxes. I hope I don’t create a scandal when I confess to having grown up on Jiffy Corn Bread Mix, LOL! Hey…Grandmother was a Registered Nurse and owned her own business. She didn’t have time to grind corn on a stone, okay? Well, anyway….I’m just happy to find something my girls like that doesn’t have lard in the mix.

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Greens and Corn Bread!

Glory Foods

Glory Foods

This photo is not from an advertisement. My hubby took this pic in our dining room, and these are the actual items my kids gobbled up, minutes later. The Glory Foods brand of sweet cornbread is my 4 year old’s favorite. And while both my girls enjoyed the Turnip Greens, my 2 year old really got her grub on, LOL! These greens taste just like my Grandmother’s used to. However, they are lower in sodium, and vegetarian. No pig fat in the greens? I say AMEN to that!!! You can find Glory Foods in supermarkets all over the U.S. of A. Or check them out at

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