Getting Back To My Roots.

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Blackened Tofu Slabs on a bed of Roasted Root Vegetables with Roasted Garlic-Lime Dipping Sauce - Vegan Soul Kitchen. For the tofu recipe, click on the pic!




















Roasted Root Vegetables with Roasted Garlic-Lime Dipping Sauce

I love roasted root vegetables.  If you’ve never cooked root vegetables before, let me assure you that you can not go wrong if you toss your favorite ones in a little olive oil and sea salt, and then roast them until they caramelize into nothing less than a pure, cold-weather dish full of comfort.  And because roasting root vegetables into utter perfection is easier than pie, it is no surprise that the first part of Bryant Terry’s recipe is as simple as they come.   (My only standing complaint is that using rutabagas and turnips seems redundant.  If you are serving children, you may want to skip those two altogether.)

But now for the second part of Terry’s recipe: Considering all that roasted roots have going for them, why would Terry add a Roasted Garlic-Lime Dipping Sauce to the mix?   I looked at that recipe and  wondered if the man had gone daft.  Who adds additional flavors to something that is already naturally rich in flavor?  I didn’t get it.  Still, Terry has been a pretty reliable guide thus far, so I gave the sauce a try.   And the verdict?  What a revelation.   The roasted garlic melded nicely with the root vegetables, while the citrus and cilantro flavors spun around and gave an old, comforting favorite a surprising,  tropical and upbeat twist.  The lime flavor actually brightened my mood a bit.  Basically, Terry took an old steady and reliable Fall/Winter dish, and added a little dash of fun.  (Or a little dash of sun, depending on your perspective.)

This is an example of what people are talking whenever they say it’s time to bring in someone with a new and fresh perspective. (I would have said new blood, but hey, this is a vegan blog, lol.)  We can talk about the merits of “tried and true” all day long.  I like “The Old Standards” just as much as the next guy.  But frankly?  Nothing get’s a joint jumpin’ like a DJ with a good remix.   Serving up remixes seem to be Terry’s specialty.  ‘Nuff said.

Blackened Tofu Slabs (without Succotash Salsa.)

Now, let’s talk about the tofu.  originally, this was supposed to be Terry’s Blackened Tofu Slabs with Succotash Salsa.  I didn’t have lima beans on hand, so I skipped the salsa.  Also, I think I misread the instructions, as everyone else who has cooked this dish came up with something that looked more like this version from Chow Vegan.  (Click that link.  Doesn’t that look good?)  Anyway…the Blackened Tofu was easy to make.  The rub was tasty.  I served it warm to my little ones, and the 4-year-old ate it without much complaint. (That says a lot.)  The 2-year-old refused to eat anything tonight, so I sampled the tofu from her plate, and it was tasty.  However, Marc and I had to wait for our opportunity to really give this dish a try. (Our food was having its “portrait” taken.)  By the time Marc finished, our tofu was cold.  I reheated the tofu, and much to my disappointment, the flavor had vanished.  Each bite seemed like an overwhelming slog through a mouthful of desperately…plain…tofu.  For that reason, I’m going to revisit this recipe.  The next time I make it, I’ll cut it properly, I’ll serve it fresh, I’ll make the salsa to go with it, and then I’ll report back to you guys.  Wish me luck!




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12 responses to “Getting Back To My Roots.

  1. Wow. I did a double take with that pic.

  2. Mo

    Woah, Faith!!!! I need blackened ‘fu in my life, like, yesterday! That dipping sauce sounds amazing.

  3. That blackened tofu looks so good! Sorry it didn’t come out exactly as planned, it still looks beautiful. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jessie. That blackened tofu hasn’t seen the last of me. There was too much tasty potential in that dish for me to give up. I’m pretty confident that if I slice the tofu on the horizontal plane, and serve it warm, I’ll (not re-warmed) I’ll be happier with the results.


  4. Danielle

    Trust me, try this recipe again! I made it with the peach salsa and the coconut rice. It was strange, each individual part to the dinner wasn’t all that, but a forkful with a bit of each was absolute heaven. The sweet salsa played off the spicy tofu beautifully. I was a little skeptical because the tofu wasn’t marinated in anything, so I was worried it would be bland…but it definitely wasn’t! Try this again soon, and I definitely recommend subbing the peach salsa for the succotash.

    • Mmmm! Danielle, just thinking about eating this dish with peach salsa and coconut rice is putting a smile on my face. But my guess is that his recipe for peach salsa is going to call for fresh peaches. Peach season is very much over in my neck of the woods. (And the peaches we did eat this summer were not tasty at all. Did something bad happen to the peach crop this year???) All the same, I’m going to go take a look at the recipe and find out what Terry calls for. Maybe he’ll surprise me and say it’s okay to use frozen or canned fruit? One never knows, but miracles do happen, LOL.

      Otherwise, thanks so much for sharing your experience with the Vegan Soul Kitchen book. If you cook anything else out of VSK, please let me know!


  5. Dan

    Hey! It’s Dan From Trader Joes, Just thought i’d let you know i checked out your blog. This recipe looks awesome, and I plan on calling mccafferty’s and trying out that non-turkey. Take Care and i hope to read more of your blog!

    • Wow! Thanks for coming to visit, Dan! It was a pleasure talking with you today. (And I realllly hope you enjoy the un-turkey as much as we do. I think it’s a little on the expensive side, but so delicious!)

      • Dan

        The price seemed actually pretty good to me, but i hope to see you guys again soon at the store! Next time I’ll give out plenty of balloons and be safe hahaha.

  6. Faith, How is that I am just now discovering that you have this amazing blog. Wowee! And this blackened tofu looks and sounds soooo delicious. Will you do the same with Bryant’s new cookbook? Mmm mm.

    • Miriam,

      Happy New Year!
      How are you? I hope this year brings lots of wonderful photographic opportunities to Phield’s Photography! Otherwise, I am absolutely DELIGHTED to be getting back to blogging Bryant Terry’s work in 2013! So much delicious food, so many interesting and progressive ideas…so little time. But this year? No excuses! I’m making the time!

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