Creole Hoppin’ Jean

Creole Hoppin'-Jean (jon) Vegan Soul Kitchen

Creole Hoppin'-Jean (jon) Vegan Soul Kitchen

Creole Hoppin’- Jean
Recipe: “Vegan Soul Kitchen.”

This was so good, I ate it for Meatless Monday…and then I ate it again for breakfast on Tuesday. Nuff said.



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8 responses to “Creole Hoppin’ Jean

  1. Taymer

    gosh i am so sorry i did not get this book.I had checked the index and stuff and when I saw collards etc i knew I would not find that stuff around here now u are showing all these stunning meals.I just have to get this book now.The pictures are fantastic but u know that anyways

  2. Taymer!!! So glad you dropped by!
    (And glad you like my hubby’s photography, too, because YOU do an awesome job with food photography. ) So you say you can’t get collards where you are? Interesting. I think any mild to slightly bitter green, that can hold it’s shape well, will do. Even fresh spinach would be fine. The VSK book is an absolute bargain on Amazon. However, the Citrus Collards recipe is super easy. I’ll cook it soon and post the recipe, just for you!

    • bryantterry

      hello faith. the food looks great! thank you for supporting my work and spreading the word. best, bryant

      • Taymer

        yes I never had collards in my life or is there another name for it. I promise you I have never saw them anywhere in the Caribbean. I ordered the book. I cannot wait to start cooking stuff from it.I took another look at collards and I never had but I can use cabbage leaves or bok choy. The watermelon slushy is something I want to see you do soon but I know it is getting cold where you are.

  3. Hi Taymer!

    You ordered the book?!?! Oooo! I’m looking forward to hearing what you think!

    Have you seen the youtube clip of Bryant Terry preparing Citrus Collards with Raison Redux? If not, here’s the link:

    So funny that you would ask for the watermelon slushie. I have been thinking about doing all the watermelon recipes this weekend. Why? for some reason, there are still tons of watermelons in the stores, as well as in one of the fields I pass. On top of that, I just can’t give up on Summer, yet. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m gonna blog about it, LOL! I’m thinking it’s global warming or something. The weather in New Jersey reached the 80’s the other day. Blueberries and watermelons are still in our stores. My mind wants me to eat locally and seasonally. (Apple season is here.) However, every fiber in my being is saying “Let’s eat like it’s Summer, just one.last.time,” LOL!

  4. Do you soak black-eyed peas? I made hoppin’ john the other night after soaking the peas for an hour or so, and they cooked super fast and got mushy.

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