Black-Eyed Pea Fritters with Hot Pepper Sauce (done mild.)

Dipping Sauce

Recipe: “Vegan Soul Kitchen.”

I love the healthful, and surprising protein addition of black-eyed peas and peanuts (or in our case, pumpkin seeds,) to this appetizer staple. However, the real surprise was that the dipping sauce was the bomb! It was deeply flavored and easy to make.

I often have to innovate and make substitutions to recipes on the fly. My youngest is allergic to peanuts, so I used pumpkin seeds. I like things spicy, so I kicked it up a notch on the mild tasting fritters– and that was a mistake. My F.I.L. couldn’t hack the heat. So when it came to making the hot sauce, I compromised and used mild, green peppers instead of Habanero peppers. Topping my spicy version of the fritters with dollops of the milder sauce made this an appetizer that both Pop Pop and the kids could enjoy.


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